Masters Theses in Computer Science

Jasti, Manohar Sai (2019). Using Reinforcement Learning in a Simulated Intelligent Tutoring System. Advisor: Reva Freedman.

Fain, Ashli (2018). Using Semantic and Pragmatic Information to Determine Syntactic Decisions in Translation of the Passive Voice from English to French. Advisor: Reva Freedman.

Gupta, Vishrant Krishna (2018). Efficiently Comparing Mental Representations: Visualizing and Matching Causal Networks. Advisor: Reva Freedman.

Kale, Bharat K. (2018). Visualization of Large Diverse Collections of Scholarly Output. Advisor: Michael E. Papka.

Lavin, Eric (2018). Assessing and supporting the use of fuzzy cognitive maps to simulate complex phenomena. Advisor: Philippe J. Giabbanelli.

Siravuri, Harish Varma (2018). Assessment of Societal Impact of Research. Advisor: Hamed Alhoori.

Baniukiewicz, Magda (2017). Analyzing, simulating, and visualizing complex social systems. Advisor: Philippe J. Giabbanelli.

Boley, Joshua (2017). An Adaptive Approach to Optimizing QoS Throughputs in Software Defined Networks. Advisor: Nicholas T. Karonis.

Pillutla, Venkata Sai Sriram (2017) Helping users learn about social processes while learning from users: developing a positive feedback in social computing. Advisor: Philippe J. Giabbanelli.

Wright, Melissa (2017). Natural Language Processing and Syntactic Differentiation: A Corpus Case Study. Co-advisors: Gülşat Aygen and Reva Freedman.

Sanders, Jonathan W. (2016). Automatic machine learning-guided methods for 3D synapse quantification in confocal neuron images. Advisor: Jie Zhou.

Jampala, Gautham (2015). Study of Pico-inversions among Human Individuals. Advisor: Minmei Hou.

Young, Adam D. (2015). Holistic Visualization Of High Performance Computing Facilities. Advisor: Michael E. Papka.

Krieghbaum, Douglas M. (2014). Using Machine Learning Techniques for Analyzing Educational Dialogues and Student Responses. Advisor: Reva Freedman.

Smafield, Timothy Ralph (2014). Automatic Algorithms for Dendrite Length Quantification and Analysis in Multi-Dimensional Neuronal Images. Advisor: Jie Zhou.

Konreddy, Harsha Vardhan Reddy (2013). Large-Scale Study on Inversions Among Human Genomes. Advisor: Minmei Hou.

Alexander, John (2011). Recommend-As-You-Go: A Novel Approach Supporting Services-Oriented Scientific Workflow Reuse. Advisor: Jia Zhang.

Deichl, Kevin Joseph (2011). Toward Semantic Empowered Biomedical Web Services. Advisor: Jia Zhang.

Kuc, Daniel (2010). Confucius: A Tool Supporting Collaborative Scientific Workflow Composition. Advisor: Jia Zhang.

Snow, Stephen (2009). Location of Frameshift Errors via Comparison with Closely Related Genomes. Advisor: Reva Freedman.

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