Declaring the Minor

To be eligible for declaration, you must have:

  • Completed or be placed beyond MATH 110, MATH 206, MATH 210, MATH 211, or MATH 229
  • Completed a Minor-required CSCI course from NIU, with a C grade or better.

The following requirements follow the 2008-2009 and more recent Undergraduate Catalogs; requirements for prior catalogs differ. However, we can often submit manual waivers to allow minors on earlier catalogs to graduate following these more recent catalog requirements.

We recommend that Computer Science minors take only a single computer science course per semester if at all possible. Under those circumstances, the following is the ideal course sequencing:

  1. Completion of or placement through Math 110 (the prerequisite for all CSCI classes)

  2. CSCI 240

  3. CSCI 241

  4. Choice of CSCI 330 (recommended) or 360

  5. A 290-or-above CSCI elective, and a 400-level CSCI elective. Choose from the following, keeping in mind that your choices of prior computer science courses may mean that you don't have the required prerequisites for all courses on the list:

    • CSCI 290 (not predictably available)
    • CSCI 330 or 360 (whichever was not chosen above)
    • CSCI 340 recommended (a prerequisite for many of our popular 400-level electives)
    • CSCI 350 (usually available only in summer semesters)
    • CSCI 462 (usually available only in spring semesters)
    • CSCI 463
    • CSCI 465
    • CSCI 466 (recommended)
    • CSCI 467
    • CSCI 470
    • CSCI 473
    • CSCI 475
    • CSCI 490

CSCI 240 is the only firm prerequisite for CSCI 241, CSCI 330, and CSCI 360, so these latter three classes could be taken in a different order if necessary, or two courses could be taken together in the same semester. In either case, this should be done only after consultation with the Computer Science Undergraduate Advisor.

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