A graduate student may obtain university credit for work in a computer science-related employment. Students are responsible for securing this employment themselves, although the Department often provides announcements pertaining to employment opportunities. A (S)atisfactory/(U)nsatisfactory grade is posted depending on their submission of an Internship Report, which is confirmed with their employer. Whether or not students pursue CSCI 690 enrollment concurrent with their employment, they are encouraged to register their employment with Career Services, using their Career Reporting Form for Internships, Jobs, or Graduate/Professional School.

Graduate students must have a 3.000 or better cumulative GPA from NIU, as well as successfully completed at least one CSCI course to be eligible for enrollment into CSCI 690. International students must also complete a Curricular Practical Training (CPT) form. Interested students should have their employer send the following information to the Director of Graduate Studies:

  • A summary of their responsibilities
  • Start/end dates of their employment
  • Number of hours worked (must work a minimum total of 240 hours in any given semester)

Once enrolled, CSCI 690 students’ only obligation to the “class” is the submission of an eight page, single-spaced Internship Report that describes in detail the nature of the work the student did, including what projects they worked on (students should check to make sure no sensitive information is being disclosed), development environments they worked with, project management strategies utilized, and their organizational structure (e.g. small teams, solo work, mentor/mentee, etc.) After reviewing the Report and accompanying Supervisor Letter that the student is expected to have delivered to the Department Office (recommended to do in person), the Director of Graduate Studies will decide whether an S/U grade will be posted.

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