Why Computer Science?

As our societies continue to technologically evolve, allowing for computer systems to provide new conveniences every day of increasing scope, the need for individuals to be able to manipulate these computer systems to solve the specific problems companies all over the world face only rises. Computer Science equips individuals with the tools necessary to modify existing computer solutions to fit new requirements, or to create new computer software from scratch, and our program will ensure each student gains invaluable practice with using these tools to solve one of many academic exercises.

The May 2017 Occuptational Employment Statistics Report for Illinois listed the average annual salary for “Computer and Mathematical Occupations” as $86,820. After excluding the Mathematical occupations, the average becomes $91,438. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that “Software Developers” are in the Top 10 fastest growing occupations, with more than 250,000 new jobs being created between 2016 and 2026.

Even if you only complete a Minor in Computer Science, the skills you will gain as a software developer will allow you to tap into an undeniably powerful resource, with being able to design custom applications targeting repetitive tasks or to digest enormous amounts of data to produce meaningful information in a fraction of a second.

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