Connecting to Marist via a TN3270 Emulator

In order to connect to the Marist mainframe, you need a program called a 3270 terminal emulator. From the list below, select the emulator that is appropriate for the OS you are using.

The host name for Marist's mainframe is

And you must connect via port 1023

No matter which emulator you choose, you must use the host and port specified above to connect to Marist.

For Windows Vista, XP, 7 or 8, go to : Tom Brennan Software

Downloaded and install Vista TN3270. The defaults should be acceptable.

Your instructor should provide you with a name and registration code to keep your copy from expiring.

Once installed, run "Vista TN3270"

If first time, a "Vista TN3270 - Start a New Terminal Session" dialog box and an Introduction box will pop up.

Close the Introduction box and [Cancel] "New Terminal Session" dialog.

Click "Help" on main menu and scroll down to and select :

You can either, quit and restart Vista TN3270 or select "New Session" under the main "File" menu choice.

When the "Start a New Terminal Session" dialog appears, Enter the following :

Follow your class notes for the correct procedure to log in.

For Mac OS/X systems, go to : Brown University Select appropriate version and install.

The dmg from "Brown University" does not have an install script. Click on it to open. Drag and drop the 3270 terminal program and docs folder to location of your choice.

Once you install TN3270 :

Double click the "Terminal" application to run it.

Once it opens the "Session" dialog, you must provide additional information.

Window Title:Marist

Next Click on [Special] icon

You should now be back at the "Session" dialog.

Click [Open Connection]

The next time you start "TN3270 X", when the new session dialog box comes up, click on the "Settings" icon and you can navigate to your saved settings.

For Linux platforms :

Linux distributions come with 2 tn3270 emulators :

You may have to install them from a distribution. Additionally, you need to work out how to map the PF keys to the keyboard you are using before you start the program or you may find it very difficult to terminate the program.

The simpest way to access Marist with c3270 is :

The default keymap for c3270 that assigns the PF keys to the PC function keys works only if you are directly logged into your Linux system. Logins done via remote ssh, especially from Windows systems, use a keymap that is not recognized by c3270.

The keymap for x3270 does work from remote login.