Prodecure for activating student's hopper/turing Linux account.

Computer Science provides a set of Linux servers for student work. The systems hopper and turing are functionally equivalent and are cross linked so that logging into either system provides access to a student's files stored on either.

A third system, babbage, provides web services for students. This is also linked to hopper/turing and can be accessed from either once you are logged in by changing to the public_html directory found on your hopper/turing account.

If you are new to our Linux systems, you must first create/activate your account.

You will need to contact your professor for information on your initial password before proceeding.

Using a ssh (secure-shell) terminal emulator, log into hopper or turing.

The CSL labs have a copy of PuTTY, a terminal emulator.

Select :


When the Putty software runs, you will be presented with the "PuTTY Configuration" dialog box.

While it is possible that hopper or turing is listed in the "Saved Sessions" window, it will most likely be blank. If either is listed, you should be able to double click on your choice and it will bring you to the login windows.

If they are not listed, click on the "Host Name (or IP address)" edit field and enter :

or Next click the [Open] button.

This will bring up the "login as: " screen.

Enter your student z-ID and press [Enter]

You will be prompted for a password. Following the initial password instructions from your professor, enter the password. Press [Enter].

If this is the 1st time you are logging in, you should get an "access denied" message. There is no account yet but a script should be triggered to generate your user account.

It is critical that you terminate or close your ssh client before attempting to login again.

Enter [Ctrl]c to close the terminal session. Then terminate your application. Give the system a minute to generate the new account structure and repeat the login process. This time you should be able to log in.

Change your password once you are logged in. You can use the command 'passwd'

Run 'passwd' at the command prompt. It will prompt you for the old password with something like :

Enter the default password. If correct, the passwd command will display

Enter a new password. Make it at least 8 characters long, use some punctuation such as hypen, period, underscore, and also some numbers. Consider substituting a e in a word with the number 3, an i with the number 1, or an o with the number zero. Press [enter] when you have entered the chosen password.

If password is acceptable, the 'passwd' command will prompt you to

to to confirm it.

If the word is too simple, the password system may reject it.

Reasons for failure to create an account :

If student forgets her/his password, he/she can email me at and I will reset your password to the default.