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Undergraduate Program

Transfer students from Illinois community colleges should check NIU's Articulation Handbook to obtain course equivalencies for NIU's requirements. In general, transfer students are well-prepared for NIU's Computer Science program if they complete the following equivalents at their community college or prior university:

It's not required that a transfer student complete all of the above requirements before entering NIU; he or she could instead take these courses after matriculating to NIU. However, a junior-level transfer student who has not completed at least CSCI 240 and 241and some Mathematics courses will most certainly be delaying his or her graduation.

Obtaining either an Associates Degree (either A.A. or A.S.) from an approved Illinois community college is also helpful, simply because all Distributive Studies (so-called "Gen Eds") will be satisfied. An Associates of Applied Science (A.A.S.) is not recommended for students wishing to transfer to four-year universities, because the A.A.S. is not intended as a university-preparation degree; many credit hours from an A.A.S. degree will not transfer in to NIU.

See Program Requirements for a possible plan of Computer Science courses after you matriculate to NIU.