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Undergraduate Program

Extra-departmental Course Substitutions


MATH 211 Calculus for Business and Social Sciences (i.e., "Business Calculus")

Substitution Course: MATH 229

Condition: Contingent upon earning a "C" or better in MATH 229 and completion of additional, specified coursework in Computer Science.

Procedure: The Department of Computer Science will submit appropriate substitution forms to the university at the time the student is admitted to the major.

Business Principles Courses (FINA 320, MGMT 333, MKTG 310, MGMT 320, MGMT 327) for the Enterprise Emphasis

Substitution Courses: Public Administration Minor Courses, including ECON 320, PHIL 337, POLS 330, POLS 331, PSYC 472, SOCI 359, SOCI 375. Caution: Public Adminstration Minor Courses have prerequisites which must be completed prior to enrolling.

Condition: Only for students declared late in their college career who are unable to obtain all three business courses by the semester in which they are to graduate and contingent upon completion of the substitution course with a "C" or better.

Procedure: Prior to enrolling, a student must come to the Department of Computer Science to request permission to substitute a Public Administration Course. If permission is granted, the Department will submit appropriate forms to the university.