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Undergraduate Program

Extra-departmental Course and Substitutions

Business Courses for the Applied Emphasis

Applied Emphasis majors must select three of the following four courses: ACCY 288, MKTG 310, MGMT 333, and FINA 320. These courses fill up quickly, so students are advised to register as soon as they are eligible. Fully-declared Applied majors have priority in registering, while pre-majors, General majors, and Theoretical majors usually must wait a week or more after registration opens before they will be allowed to register. These courses are not predictably available in summer terms. Students with credit for UBUS 310 are exempt from fulfilling the three business course requirement for the Applied Data Processing emphasis (see section below, under "Substitutions and Waivers").

ACCY 288 - Students with credit for ACCY 206 and ACCY 207 will be considered to have met the requirement of the successful completion of ACCY 288. Caution: Students with credit for ACCY 206 or ACCY 207 must obtain prior permission from the College of Business to enroll for credit in ACCY 288.

MKTG 310 - Requires Junior standing.

MGMT 333 - Prerequisites include PSYC 102 and Junior or Senior standing.

FINA 320 - Prerequisites include ACCY 288 (or ACCY 206) and STAT 301 or STAT 350

In extraordinary cases (e.g., only remaining requirements for graduation or course not available), the Department will consider substituting one or more of the 300 level courses in the Public Administration minor for a business requirement in the Applied sequence (see below, under "Substitutions and Waivers"). Even in such cases, however, the Department strongly recommends that Applied majors complete the business courses as outlined in the catalog. Students facing such predicaments because of not being permitted to declare until late in their college career may want to include some of the 100-200 level courses in the Public Administration minor so that such substitutions are feasible. The Public Administration minor is a Liberal Arts and Science's interdisciplinary minor and can be found in that section of the catalog.

Mathematics Courses for the Theoretical Emphasis

In the past, Math 434 and Math 444 have been offered only in the fall semester, and Math 435 is offered only in the spring semester. Adjust your plan accordingly.

Substitutions and Waivers for Extra-Departmental Computer Science Requirements

Double Major in Computer Science and Business

Computer Science majors with a second major in Business or a declared minor in Business Administration should apply to the College of Business for a substitution of required Liberal Arts & Sciences courses for required Business courses (e.g., Liberal Arts and Science's STAT 301 or STAT 350 for the College of Business's UBUS 223, etc.).