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Activating a Student MP/UX Unix Account

For first time access to MP/UX Unix, perform the following steps:

  1. Activate your Novell account Z-ID before attempting to set up a Unix account. Instructions for activating your Novell account were provided at orientation. If you have problems with the procedure, an attendant in a computer lab should be able to help. Note that you must complete the following Unix activation to activate your Unix password even if you have already changed your Novell password, because the two systems are independent.
  2. Using your Novell Z-ID and password, log into a computer in either the CSL, UCL, or FRL labs. Allow the system to complete the boot process. Locate the Putty terminal program under the Start menu:
  3.         Start > General Applications > Putty SSH > Putty SSH

  4. You will be presented with a list of Unix machines. Select either "MP" or "UX." When the login: prompt appears, enter guest as an ID and guest again as a password.
  5. The system will prompt you for your ID, which is your Novell Z-ID. The initial password is your birthdate in the numerical form of yyyymmdd. Unix will disconnect after both ID and password are correctly entered.
  6. Your Unix account will not be active until the next day. At that time, you may log into your activated account using your Z-ID and your birthdate password in the form yyyymmdd.
  7. After successfully logging on to your activated account, immediately change your password with the passwd command (note spelling). At the command prompt "Run," enter passwd and press enter.
  8. At the prompt "Enter existing login password:", enter your birthdate password and press enter.
  9. At the prompt "New Password:", enter a new password that is eight characters in length, a combination of alphabetic (a-z and A-Z) and numeric characters. Most punctuation is also permitted. For variety, try substituting 3 for the letter e, 1 for i or l, 0 (zero) for o, etc. If the chosen password is too simple, the password system will reject it.
  10. After you've selected a password and pressed enter, Unix will prompt you to enter the password again for confirmation before accepting it. Allow Unix a few minutes to propagate the new password throughout the system before testing.

Failure of Account Initialization

Possible reasons for failure:

If you cannot successfully initialize your account, contact Dr. Rickert in PM 455. You must present a valid ID.

If  You Forget Your MP/UX UnixPassword

If you forget your password, contact Dr. Rickert in PM 455. You must present a valid ID.