Modifications required to run MVSBatch under XP,NT or Win2K

Although MVSBatch was written long before XP was released, it has been successfully run on it. However, changes to the default locations of standard Dos/Windows files causes it to crash with its current configuration.

To modify the current MVSBatch configuration, perform the following steps:

First, do a search for the and ftp.exe files.

Open a dos window and perform the following commands.

cd \
dir /s
Note the location and do the same for ftp.exe

Once you have found the directories, go to the directory where MVSBatch is installed. Look for a file called mvsbatch.cfg. Open that file with a text editor, either edit or wordpad should work. Find the lines where the editor, viewer, and ftp.exe are assigned.

For the editor and viewer, they will say

CfgDispCmd= CfgEditCmd= and the path and name of the viewer and editor that MvsBatch wants to use are stated there.

Change the data following the = to be path and edit and/or viewer program name you want to use. It will probably be the information you just found in the search steps above.

If you have another editor that you prefer to use, substitute its path and name in the appropriate fields name above.

Updating the FTP command path

If MVSBatch still fails to run, you may have to also update the path for the command line ftp program.

Repeat the steps above but search for ftp.exe.

Once you have determined the path to the ftp program, edit mvsbatch.cfg and search for the line

:model WIN95 DOS /C:\windows\FTP.EXE -nv <&FtpInputFile >&FtpOutputFile

Change the path listed to the appropriate path.

Creating Desktop Shortcut

When making shortcuts to the MVSBatch program, make sure the mvsbatch.exe program is what the shortcut points to.

If that still causes problems, you should be able to run MVSBatch by opening a dos windows and running it from the command prompt.

Alternative Program - MVSFtp

A new MVSFtp install program has been put out on the web site with instructions on how to install.

It is written as a Windows based application. We have removed all access to an editor from with-in the application. Because it is Windows based, the user should be able to open a separate window running her/his prefered editor and a window running the MVSFtp at the same time and change between the two windows depending on which activity is desired a particular time.

The new version also contains additional help screens to help with usage.