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Guidelines for Establishment of Contract Areas Computer Science Department

The Contract Emphasis area consists of 2 courses selected by the student and a faculty advisor in cooperation with the Director of Graduate Studies.The Contract Area is designed to allow a student, in cooperation with a member of the Computer Science Graduate Faculty (the “Advisor”), to design a customized area of specialization. It will consist of 2 courses, selected by the student and the Advisor. The area can be used as one of the two areas tested by the Comprehensive Exam; the questions for the exam will be set by the Advisor.

Any Reading Courses must have a well-defined syllabus to be included in any Contract Area plan.


Procedure for Establishing a Contract Area

  1. The student identifies and secures the cooperation of a member of the department’s Graduate Faculty to serve as an Advisor.
  2. The student and Advisor write a description of the area of study and specify the two courses to be taken. The description should explain the learning outcomes and knowledge to be gained as well as the rationale for the particular course combination proposed.
  3. This proposal is submitted to the Director of Graduate Studies (who may consult with other faculty members or the Graduate Studies Committee) for approval.

These steps must be completed no later than half way through the first of the two courses.