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Graduate Program

Areas of Emphasis for the M.S. Degree

Students pursuing the Master’s degree in Computer Science are required to take courses preparing them for a Comprehensive Examination near the end of their program of study. To this end, students must take courses in two Areas of Emphasis. They are listed below. Details for each Area may be found by following the respective links.

  1. Database: CSCI 566 Databases and 688 Database Concepts. CSCI 566 is the prerequisite for CSCI 688. Both courses are offered each Fall and Spring.
  2. Systems Design and Analysis: CSCI 567 Introduction to Software Engineering and CSCI 663 Systems Design and Analysis. CSCI 567 is the prerequisite for CSCI 663. Both courses are offered each Fall and Spring.
  3. Computer Networks: CSCI 630 Computer Networks and CSCI 631 Network Applications Programming. These two courses may be taken in either order. CSCI 630 is offered each Fall and CSCI 631 is offered each Spring.
  4. Enterprise Computing: CSCI 565 Enterprise Application Environments and CSCI 641 Enterprise Operating Systems. CSCI 640 is the prerequisite for CSCI 641. CSCI 565 may be taken before or concurrently with CSCI 641. CSCI 565 is offered each Fall and Spring, while CSCI 641 is offered each Spring.
  5. Contract Option: Two courses as determined by the student and his or her advisor
  6. Thesis Option: Strictly speaking, this is not an Area of Emphasis. The student will complete 2 or more semesters of CSCI 699 plus a written thesis. The defense of the thesis will serve as the student’s Comprehensive Examination. Note however, that all students must prepare for exams in two of the areas numbered 1 - 5 above. In the event that the Thesis (research, writing, or defense) is not successful, the student may still take regular Comprehensive Exams and graduate.