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Psychology-Computer Science Building, Room 460
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL 60115 USA

Phone: 815.753.0378
Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00-Noon & 1:00-4:30pm


Graduate Certificate on CyberSecurity




The NIU Department of Computer Science is proud to include a 18 credit hour CyberSecurity Certificate for professionals in a wide range of positions within the IT industry, as well as for emergency management personnel, educators and qualified students. Many of the requirements for this certificate can be completed via online coursework. The CyberSecurity Certificate will be an excellent enhancement to your credentials in a competitive industry requiring up-to-date knowledge of the latest in security development and research. The certificate is a track in the NIU Graduate Certificate on Homeland Security.

Our CyberSecurity certificate is designed for the working IT professional that already has a BS degree (not necessarily in CS). To register you need to sign up as a Student-at-Large (https://www.niu.edu/grad/admissions/at-large/index.shtml). If you are (or are planning to be) a regular graduate student at NIU then you may just sign up for the courses.


How to Register

It is possible to sign up for the above courses as a Northern Illinois University degree candidate, or as a non-degree-seeking Student at Large. If you hold a baccalaureate degree and would like to obtain Student at Large status, you may contact the Graduate School at (815) 753-0395 or visit them online at http://www.grad.niu.edu/grad/admissions/atlarge/index.shtml.


CyberSecurity Courses