Computing Resources

System/Site Info

Activating an account on LX Account (First Time Users)

  • Instructions for Activating a New Account

  • How students with longer (8 digit) Z-is may use new G-id for MVS access.

  • Instructions for retrieving and using

  • Free Unix Terminal Programs

  • Teraterm v14 for DOS/Win31/Win95
  • Putty for Win95/98/NT/XP
            > Installation Instructions

    Quincy Compiler for the CSCI 240 and 241 classes

  • Quincy 2005 IDE and MinGW C++ Compiler (self install)
    Version 3 - Works with Vista
            > Installation Instructions

    Free PC Software for Course Work

  • Elvis: Freeware vi Editor for DOS
  • Filezilla: FTP client - For latest go to
  • QWS3270: MVS Terminal Program for Win95/98/NT/XP
  • X-Windows Software (can be used only from the CSCI labs)
  • Marie Simulator for CSCI 463
  • Freeware version JCreator LE (for CSCI 210)
  • R for Windows (for CSCI 210)

  • MVS Job Submission Programs

  • MVSBatch for XP(zip file) adjusted to use system32 directory.
  • MVSBatch for DOS(zip file)
            > Installation Instructions
  • MVSftp for Windows (self-extracting)
            > Installation Instructions
  • Unix (MP) Based Program (instructions for downloading)

    MVS Support Information

  • MVSBatch Training Manual
  • Manually Submitting MVS Jobs with Unix FTP
  • How to Use the VEdit Editor
  • Assist I Simulator for CSCI 360