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What Are Some of the Things Our Interns Have Done?

"During his internship, Jon has been a member of the Commission re-write team and has developed several programs written in HTML, JavaScript, JSP, and Java Servletts."
SecurityLink by Ameritech, Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois

"His main objective for the summer was to redesign our intranet website, to broaden its scope and adhere to company standards."
Northern Trust, Chicago, Illinois

"Anh worked on VisualAge Generator scenarios for V2 of the S/390 Application Development Solution."
IBM, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

"Anthony has been an invaluable asset on many projects, including: enhancement of Internet Monitoring Systems, creation of IBM Site Development Testing Lab, enhancement of FTDWIRELESS.com web site, and maintenance of our current e-commerce site www.ftd.com."
FTD.com, Downers Grove, Illinois

"Wrote a LabView program combined with C++ D11 for Laser Doppler Displacement Meter high speed readout; wrote an Excel macro to transfer data from Undulator Beam Power Calculation Program; wrote two UNIX programs to do automated file name changes in an existing large library of files."
Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois

"Peter has done an exceptional job this summer implementing an ethernet interface to a vocoder reference used in the Project 25 digital radio standard."
Motorola, Schaumburg, Illinois

"... reprogramming a magnetic field plotting program Mapplot for use in an Z windows environment, and began upgrading his existing program (Roto30), which was designed to control a system for a magnetic field mapping device. This fall I asked him to speak at the International Magnet Measurement workshop, where he presented the program that he created for a field mapping device."
Fermilab, Batavia, Illinois

"She routinely demonstrated initiative and effective use of the PeopleSoft tools."
State Farm, Bloomington, Illinois

"Allegience has recently implemented SAP's R/3 enterprise-wide software package. Upon learning basic knowledge of R/3's programming language, ABAP/4, Mike began tackling our list of changes and enhancements."
Allegiance, McGaw Park, Illinois

"IMRF's original goal for Tim was that he would complete the outstanding change control requests for the Problem Reporting system. Tim's work effort turned out to be: learned Natural, the programming language; learned the existing Problem Reporting system; and completed 10 change control logs for the system. Tim completed this work in three weeks."
Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund, Oak Brook, Illinois

"Wrote a macro to do data reduction in water and cryogenic coiled flat mesh in a rectangular channel with variable cross section. Checked and verified the data integrity in our digital signal processing of the smart X-ray beam position monitor system."
Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois

"His assignments consisted of addressing compliance issues, converting programs from VS COBOL to COBOL II, replacing old technology of ISAM with current technology of VSAM, testing/paralleling his changes, ensuring accurate results, and implementing the changes into our production environment."
Navistar International, Rolling Meadows, Illinois

"...configuration of desktops and notebooks, troubleshooting end-users' problems, and the development of a Lotus Notes database for tracking system resources."
Motorola, Libertyville, Illinois

"He was given the assignment to develop a torque tool management data base to replace our current system. He was also to learn to use a new SPC program named InfinityQS. He was then to set up projects to automatically gather data from our torque data base, analyze it, and send out reports to manufacturing."
Caterpillar, Aurora, Illinois

"Our applications are SAP R/3 utilizing Oracle databases in a Unix environment. Sean was responsible for coding and testing in both the development and system environments, test review with the team leader, and implementing in the production environment."
Allegiance, McGaw Park, Illinois

"He has worked on client server applications, web applications, UNIX scripts, and government compliance issues."
Everen Securities, Chicago, Illinois